i feel the light betray me

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I passed!

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AU: There’s a new (werewolf) guy in town. Based on.

Happy late birthday, chris! (sorry i’m trash)

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Dylan O’Brien - The Maze Runner Q&A.
Regent St Apple Store.
20th August 2014.

please do not re-upload. do credit if editing

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rebxva: JUST MET CRYSTAL REED 😭😭💘💘💘 @crystalmreed !!!!

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Meet the Gladers x

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also something i learned at houston con this weekend is that melissa said she remembers that the sheriff’s first name was paul in the first season so that might be something

sheriff paul stilinski

i’m to attached to sheriff john stilinski

Sheriff John Paul George Ringo Stilinski

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Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
 ↳ polaroids

Christian Walz - Wonderchild

Stiles used to think Laura was exaggerating when calling Derek a dinosaur, but that was before she asked him to buy a new camera and he came back with a Polaroid. 

Derek doesn’t see the problem. It does the job—it takes pictures—and you only need to wait a couple of seconds before getting the pictures printed. Laura complains about not being able to edit them or get copies or the quality, but Derek just shrugs. He doesn’t approve of Erica teaching his sister how to “cheat” using Photoshop and insists that it’s much more practical to just stick the pictures on the board in the office right away.

To support his boyfriend Stiles snaps a picture of Derek bending over one of the bikes in the garage the same afternoon and puts it up next to Derek’s schedule. It stays up.

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simon monroe + being in love with kieren walker

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